About Us

   When one begins the process of searching for a church home, today many turn to the internet to find a church in their area that would meet their spiritual needs. Though “window shopping” is fun, there is no substitute for meeting the pastor and people. You see, every church has a unique character, personality, ministry and mission. Ours is to fill that special place in the lives of people who want to feel at home in their worship experience. We sing hymns and worship in a relaxed style where the presence of God is felt, the Word of God is preached and the development of the one’s spiritual life is paramount.

    When anyone enters our church, they are met with an attractive chapel that is home to a very loving congregation. When you meet the congregation, you may notice that we have a large percentage of senior citizens in our worship community. This is not a remnant of a failing community, it is a sign of the dynamic ministry that we have to that age group. We recognize that retirement age is not retirement from serving Christ. While many older adults are feeling pushed out of their current church, feeling marginalized or neglected, our church is a welcome change, and we are growing.

    We have a broad range of church backgrounds represented in our church family, so if you were not raised Free Methodist, that is not a barrier. Our folks come from all walks of life and represent a broad cross-section of our country.

    We offer Bible studies, fellowship and companionship that reach beyond the four walls of the sanctuary and meet the individual needs of those involved. We would be delighted to have you come and worship with us.